Special ingredients

Alphasoy Gold

Alphasoy Gold is produced by co-processing SBM and yeast fractions. The unique Alphasoy Gold manufacturing process is designed to remove conventional soybean meal variability, as well as unlock maximum nutritional and functional value from SBM.

The yeast fractions Mannan and Beta- 1.3/1.6 Glucan have been carefully selected and rigorously tested by the AB Neo team to ensure that only the best performing bio-active components are included at exactly the right dose, to achieve the best performance.  

The Alphasoy Gold manufacturing process does five specific things:

  • Produces a quality product, consistent, highly digestible, with a minimum protein level of 52%

  • Improves digestibility of all key amino acids by up to 2%

  • Creates a product with a unique healthy carbohydrate profile by reducing fermentable carbohydrates and increasing digestible carbohydrates

  • Alters the carbohydrate profile and unlocks 16% more energy (compared to standard soy flour)

  • Reduces anti-nutritional factors (ANFs) to safe levels

Alphasoy Gold functions

Alphasoy Gold optimizes feed intake, improves intestinal health, stimulates the immune system and minimizes ammonia emissions in your poultry farm.

These features help your birds reach their full genetic potential and perform at their best, even under difficult conditions.

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Independent trials

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