We are unique. We are bold.

We want to revolutionise nutrition for all neonates.

AB Neo is a specialist division of AB Agri, bringing together the expertise of four successful businesses.

And as one business, we are focused on becoming the leaders in neonate nutrition, using science as our driving force and keeping our customer’s needs at the heart of everything we do.

AB Neo business

AB Neo Denmark

Market leading producer of milk replacers, DanMilk, and specialist raw materials including AlphaSoy

AB Neo Spain

Market leader in piglet nutrition with the largest dedicated neonate feed mill in Europe


A long established, UK based piglet feed business built on 25+ years of research

AB Neo Poland

The newest business, purchased in 2019, which manufactures micronised ingredients and both calf and piglet starter feeds

Our vision

We have three key pillars:

1. World-class R&D

We will give our experts the freedom, empowerment, and resource to explore all the intricacies of nutrition. This includes investment in a brand new Innovation Farm in Spain to help us become nutrition leaders for safe, sustainable food production.

2. Grow & develop skilled and motivated people

We have a diverse and inclusive culture where our people are at the heart of everything we do.  Nurturing talent and inspiring creative thinking is key across all of our functions.

3. Proactive partnership

Our goal is always to fully understand our customer’s business and deliver measurable value through products, performance and customer service.

Wherever you are globally, we’re confident we can help you to optimise your young animal nutrition, please just get in touch to see how.

Taking our responsibility seriously

There are significant global challenges in food production – from climate change, deforestation and sustainable agriculture to child labour and fair trade. 

At AB Neo, we are aware that our conduct can positively influence the change that is needed to preserve, protect and ultimately enhance the lives of people and the environment around the world. 

Therefore, in going about our business, we are driven to finding better, smarter, more practical and efficient solutions so that we play an important part in transforming agriculture and making sure the future is bright for our next generation.

How we’re helping to make the world a better place

We have identified and focused on 5 key areas and below we set out how we believe we can make a positive difference:

1. Sustainable nutrition

  • Comprehensive & continuous research programme
  • R&D for achievable antibiotic reduction
  • Alternative raw materials to reduce reliance on fish and soya, for example
  • Responsible sourcing
  • Working towards 100% sustainable certified soya by 2024

2. Feed safety & traceability

  • Complete transparency in our supply chain
  • Authenticate – a global system so we can trace every raw material back to source
  • Auditing suppliers to ensure they are free from modern day slavery & exploitative labour practices
  • Every raw material delivery sampled & analysed

3. Manufacturing responsibility & waste reduction

  • 100% recyclable feed bags
  • Recycling all manufacturing waste – zero waste to landfill
  • Optimising weighing and mixing equipment for efficiency
  • Avoiding shrink-wrap where possible on outgoing products

4. Protecting our environment

  • Quarterly energy audits
  • Energy reduction initiatives
  • Reducing feed miles
  • Electric car charge points
  • Implementation of technology to minimise travel

5. People safety

  • Launch of a company-wide Target Zero initiative for health and safety, feed safety, security and environmental incidences

Our People

At the heart of AB Neo is a team of talented, enthusiastic and committed people who work hard to understand their customers pains and passions.  We have the breadth of opportunities you would expect from an organisation which researches, designs and manufactures; plus the opportunity to work with great people in some great places.  

The heart of our organisation is our people, they are what drives our growth and innovation, supports our customers and makes working with us fun.  We want our people to feel that they are free to bring their best to work and that they will be respected and valued for their contribution regardless of where they sit in the organisation. 

Whether you are a newly qualified nutritionist looking to develop your career in neonates, a commercial specialist passionate about delivering high quality product onto farm, a supply chain operative loading feed onto a wagon, a production planner or an operations leader; you will know the value you bring and respect the value brought by the rest of the team.

As AB Neo is part of AB Agri you will have access to a wide range of career and development opportunities for further information please visit AB Agri Career site.