Centre of Excellence

Intelligent neonate nutrition

Exploring and refining our knowledge of neonates and the way nutrition influences lifetime performance is the only way to drive real progress.

So we’re investing heavily… we’re not only committing to £500k per annum in University research agreements, but we’re building our own state-of-the-art Innovation Farm in the leading swine producing market, Spain.

Our innovation farm will include:

  • A cloud-based environmental and production control system

  • Automatic feeding, allowing individual feed delivery to individual pens

  • Links to the maternity farm, allowing pre-weaning nutrition evaluation

  • We are testing 50.000 piglets a year under commercial conditions

  • Smart ‘Insight’ feeders and electronically tagged piglets to record all data

  • Links to grower/finisher farms to fully explore lifetime performance

"We’re serious about innovation so we’re giving our experts all the freedom, empowerment, and resources to become a leading influence in safe, sustainable food production."

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