Milk replacers


Pump'n'Grow is our fully automated milk cup system designed to supplement the sow’s own milk.  It supplies fresh milk in small portions throughout the farrowing house and is optimised to reduce waste.

Pump'n'Grow has already seen impressive results for our customers, including 0.8-1kg higher weaning weights, and the sow can nurse an additional 1-2 piglets per litter.

Expected time spend per day:
You will not need to spend more than maximum 15 minutes per day. (This includes a daily cleaning procedure)



Number of nursing sows

One of the biggest constraints on your ability to increase production as a pig producer is the number of farrowing units you have available.

Using a milk supplement reduced the need for nursing sows and therefore frees up additional space in your farm for more breeding sows.

On average nursing sow’s occupy around 20% of your farrowing units, they also are an additional cost to your business that you don’t need to carry.

The variation in growth

One of the biggest drivers of poor uniformity in your animal performance is the variation in growth that we see in the early growth stages. 

Providing ready access for all piglets to a milk supplement in these vital days improves feed intakes, live-weight. 


Increase your productivity

Have you ever considered to buy a milk cup system to your newborned piglets? There can be more than one reason why this is a good idea. Maybe you spend too much time on nursing sows – maybe you wish to increase the average weight at weaning?

The idea behind our Pump'n'Grow milk cup system is to keep it simple and a minimal amount of investment. The system is easy to mount and install by yourself.

Furthermore, we developed a milk replacer designed for this type of system. You can even mix the milk powder in cold water without any problems. The milk replacer is DanMilk Supreme.

Which results should you expect

This is feed back from our customers across the world.

Pump'n'Grow combination with DanMilk Supreme results

  • Higher weight at weaning: + 0,8-1,0 kg
  • Improved viability in the farrowing pen at 2- 6 % point
  • Sows can take care of 1-2 additional piglets
  • Sows wean up to 4 extra piglets per year
  • Significantly lower feed cost from weaning to slaughter

Why choose Pump'n'Grow Fresh system?

  • Fresh milk in small portions of 30 litre

  • Simple modular plug & play system

  • Daily cleaning without any waste of milk!

  • Easy to use with minimal work

  • High capacity: Service up to 4,000 sows per system