Piglet Boozt

The optimum source of iron for piglets. In addition to the iron supplement, the product contains organic acids that stabilise the stomach. Furthermore, the product has a balanced content of copper, zinc and vitamin B12 which contributes to the development of the immune system and the formation of red blood cells. Piglet Boozt is flavour-enhanced to ensure a high intake. If used in the Pump'n'Grow, Piglet Boozt must be considered as a supplement to an existing source of iron.

Give your piglet a strong health!

  • B12 vitamin which are important for red blood cells
  • Zinc which are important for the piglets health
  • Iron (a part of haemoglobin in muscles/blood)
  • Copper (a part of haemoglobin formation)
  • Organic acids
  • Energy and salts

Dosage of Piglet Boozt:

Piglet Boozt can be used in the drinking water or in the Pump’n’Grow milk cup system

Drinking water: 0.5 - 2 %

Dosage: Add 50 ml per kg DanMilk Supreme

Pump’n’Grow Fresh: 200 ml per mix (4 kg DanMilk Supreme + 30-litre water). (Default setting on the control panel on Pump’n’Grow Fresh)