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AlphaSoy 530

Giving piglets the best start in life

AB Neo believes passionately that solving the global protein challenge means we need to look at many different solutions, tailoring products to specific animal and life-stage needs.

AlphaSoy 530, is an alternative protein source that has been carefully engineered to unlock the natural functional properties of soya, improving the value it delivers to young animals, giving them more nutrition and more value from a single ingredient.

As a results of its unique design and manufacturing process AlphaSoy 530 delivers better feed performance (gain, intake and FCR) than all competing soya protein sources.  It also delivers the same performance as animal proteins but at a much lower cost.

Antibiotic free feeding systems

AlphaSoy 530 is the world’s best performing protein source for piglets, it is designed and produced to drive optimal health and performance in antibiotic free feeding systems.


How do we achieve this?

  • Increased digestibility of protein and all key amino acids by 3% 
  • Higher fast digestible protein and lower resistant protein content than other soy protein
  • Up to 16% higher Net Energy than other soya products 
  • Anti-nutritional factors (ANF) are reduced to safe levels 
  • A healthy carbohydrate (CHO) profile:
    1) A balance composition of high digestible CHO and low fermentable CHO
    2) Soy oligosaccharides with their prebiotic properties

Do you want to see our test and trials?

Would you like to dig more into the trials we did with AlphaSoy 530? 

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In our collective studies we discovered

  • Higher protein content in SPC does NOT always mean better protein quality and better performance.

  • Long-held belief that ANF’s are ALL BAD may not be entirely true, recent studies into the role of SB Oligosaccharides suggest they may act as a Prebiotic.

  • The fibre structure of SBM can be altered during processing to improve its functionality

  • Fermentable carbohydrates in SBM can have a detrimental effect on piglet gut health if not managed.

  • A combination of enzymatic and gentle thermos mechanical treatment of soy seems to produce the best quality protein for piglets.

  • Protein digestion kinetics is an innovative tool to connect protein nutritional value and functional benefits .

  • Protein digestion kinetics provide more insights into protein quality of feed ingredients and processing effect.

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Designing a new generation functional protein for piglets

The AlphaSoy 530 manufacturing process is a gentle enzymatic thermo-mechanical treatment which improves the digestibility of the protein in soybean meal (SBM), unlocking additional nutritional potential by increasing the digestibility of all key Amino Acids by 3%. 
The AlphaSoy processing increases the digestion rate of protein along the small intestine and reduce up to 50% the amount of resistant protein (the protein fraction that is resistant to enzymatic digestion and requires longer digestion time) compared to SBM and other soy protein.

The reduction of resistant protein in AlphaSoy would limit protein fermentation and thereby improve gut heatlh of weaned pigs because protein fermentation is linked to post-weaning diarrhea incidence and reduced gut development
Our manufacturing process also creates a product with a healthy carbohydrates profile which is ideal for piglets. This is achieved through altering the carbohydrate balance in the SBM.


AlphaSoy has a higher 'NE' value

It is not widely known but the fermentable carbohydrates in SBM can cause diarrhoea and reduce feed intake in piglets, as such the levels of Fermentable Carbohydrates in AlphaSoy 530 are reduced to the lowest possible to mitigate any negative impact on gut health. 

In contrast a higher % of digestible carbohydrates will provide more energy in a far more easily digestible format enabling the piglet to make best use of the nutrients available, this is why we designed AlphaSoy 530 to contains the highest levels of digestible carbohydrates of all comparable soya products. 

This unique energy profile gives AlphaSoy 530 an un-matched Net Energy value – up to 16% higher than other soya product.

healthy level is important

Reducing ANF

Our process also enables us to reduce the ANF’s in SBM to safe levels but we leave in a small proportion of Soybean Oligosaccharides (SBOS) because trials show (Zhou 2014, Yang 2016) that the presence of SBOS can have a beneficial effect on piglet gut health through lowering levels of potentially harmful bacteria such as e-coli and streptococcus.

Our manufacturing controls are designed to create a superior quality product – our tests show that we are able to:

Consistently reduce Trypsin Inhibitor Activity (TIA) by up to 70%

Reduce Glycinin and B-conglycinin levels in SBM by at least 50%