AdiCare Vita

AdiCare Vita is a nutritional supplement for sows in peripartum. Its unique composition facilitates farrowing, shortening its duration, thus increasing the number of piglets born alive and with greater vitality.  AdiCare Vita also helps to improve the production of quality colostrum and establish a beneficial microbiota for the sow and her piglets, helping to minimise some of the digestive problems common in the lactation phase.

AdiCare Vita is ideal for the gestation/lactation period and should be started 5 days before farrowing.



What can you expect from AdiCare Vita?


  • Quicker and easier farrowing
  • Rapid recovery of the sow, without metabolic acidosis or puerperal ketosis
  • Increased number of live births with greater vitality
  • Improvement in neonatal viability rates
  • Reduces MMA Syndrome and reduces the need for administration of oxytocin
  • Production of better quality colostrum and increased immune status of piglets


The administration to the sow of parallel therapeutic treatments in the event of symptoms of dystocia or associated pathology must be under the direction of the veterinarian in charge of the farm.