AdiCare Piglet Force

AdiCare Piglet Force is a highly palatable and digestible supplement that helps to boost feed intake in underweight piglets at weaning.

AdiCare Piglet Force is a mixture of highly digestible ingredients, prebiotics, natural extracts and probiotics that promote solid feed intake and improve intestinal functionality and health. It is a powerful ally for current swine production where there is an increasingly large existence of very low-weight piglets that need specific care for their viability.


What is AdiCare Piglet Force?


  • Nutritional supplement to promote solid feed intake
  • Developed for low-weight piglets (< 4.5 kg)
  • Post-weaning phase
  • Stimulating piglet vitality  


Good environmental conditions and handling of the weaner must be ensured at all times, both in terms of temperature, dry bedding and water with good biochemical and microbiological quality.