AdiCare Naturporc

AdiCare Naturporc contains natural plant extracts and a mixture of short and medium chain fatty acids to improve the microbiome and potentially improves the structure of the intestinal epthelium and mucosa. In benefit of an improved microbiome and intestinal morphology, will result in and improved productivity.



What can you expect from AdiCare Naturporc?


  • Designed to support both sow and piglet gut health.
  • Starts supporting the pig from initial consumption, so no loading dose is necessary.
  • Can be used either strategically prior to the period of stress or at the onset of stress.
  • Can be used alongside other tools to support an antibiotic reduction programme.
  • Helps pig maintain a balanced and diverse gut microbiome when faced with common challenges which can lead to digestive imbalance.


Good management practices such as ideal environmental conditions, comfortable temperature, careful handling and suitable hygiene of the animals must be ensured at all times.