AdiCare Balance

A highly palatable nutritional supplement that encourages intake.  It is formulated with a mixture of natural extracts, prebiotics and probiotics that optimise digestive safety and promote beneficious microbiota. AdiCare Balance helps to minimise common digestive problems for piglets in the post-weaning phase. 

AdiCare Balance should be added when the first diarrhoea symptoms are shown in the farrowing house or post-weaning.  It can be used from day one (on the floor) with ongoing use in bowls/feeders until the diarrhoeic period ends (4-5 days).

What can you expect from AdiCare Balance?

  • Reduce the risk of digestive problems

  • Maintains intestinal barrier integrity

  • Supports the use of a more sustainable medicinal programme

  • Supports the optimal development of beneficial intestinal microflora

  • Aiding local intestinal immunity