Improved Performance
OptiPartum-C unlocks the true potential of the ration, releasing more available energy from the diet – just when cows need it most.


Try the 21 day sieve challenge

See OptiPartum-C in action for yourself

Day 1: Sieve and rinse the dung and assess particle size to measure digestion and utilisation on your existing ration.

Day 21: Sieve and rinse the dung and notice the finer particle sizes, showing how OptiPartum-C has improved digestion and utilisation of the cow’s ration

Save on Fats
A new way to feed efficiency. Adding OptiPartum-C to the postpartum ration optimises dry matter and energy intake and unlocks limiting factors in cow performance – enabling them to utilise energy where they need it, be it milk production, body condition or fertility.

saveA remarkable feature of OptiPartum-C is that is contains only 1/3 of the energy value of fats and research shows that it can replace 50% of protected fats in a ration, saving farmers money and helping to optimise their cows’ performance in the critical postpartum period and beyond.

Research at Schothorst Feed Research BV showed that with OptiPartum-C in the ration, half the protected fat can be removed with increased yields being maintained and at the same time, improving postpartum body weight compared to a ration containing only protected fats.

Trials show that when 50% of the protected fat in a ration is replaced by OptiPartum-C, milk yield is consistent, and the farmer saves money on fats.

Some farmers use OptiPartum-C in addition to fats and produce a jump in yield. This usually coincides with an improvement in dung quality, showing how the cows are digesting and utilising their ration better.

On-Farm Performance
When using OptiPartum-C to unlock the performance of their ration, farmers see:
  1. More consistent yield and performance
  2. Reduced reliance on supplementary hydrogenated fats
  3. Reduced ketosis
  4. Improved performance during periods of heat stress
  5. Improved conception and fertility


Improved Postpartum Body Weight
An academic trial has shown that the postpartum bodyweight of cows is greater for those offered 50% OptiPartum-C / 50% Protected fat compared to calves offered 100% protected fat.

These same cows showed no significant difference in milk yield, showing that the OptiPartum-C cows were utilising their ration better, reducing the need to draw energy from their own body tissues.

An improved postpartum condition is critical for reducing the risk of metabolic diseases and improving fertility.

Improved Body Weight Graph