A highly palatable scientific breakthrough from AB Neo – boosts intake and unlocks the true performance of your cows’ ration from the critical postpartum period and beyond.


OptiPartum-C contains an advanced blend of natural bio-complexes that are released from our unique hydrolysed cereals to enhance the breakdown of starch & fibres – releasing more energy previously locked away within the ration.

A complementary feed for cattle. Do not feed to sheep.


For best results:

  1. PrePartum: 3 weeks before calving, introduce 50g of OptiPartum-C/head/day to the ration.
  2. PostPartum & Beyond: If using protected fats, replace 50% of fats in the ration with OptiPartum-C.

Minimum 100g/head/day to be added to ration.

  1. If not using protected fats then add 200g/head/day.


Oils & Fats: 1.9%, Protein: 7.6%, Fibre: 11.5%, Ash: 4.4%, Sodium: 0.2%


Dried carob, Pre-gelatinised wheat, Hydrolysed barley, Whey permeate, Grape pulp, Dried beet pulp, Sunflower seed hulls, Grape pips meal, Dried apple pomace, Dextrose

ADDITIVES (per kg):

Trace elements: Zinc oxide (3b603)  287.5mg

Technological: E 562 Sepiolite 1750mg

Sensory additive: Aromatic Substances (2.b) 62.5mg