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16th March 2021

Milk systems mean less stress for piglets and humans

With the automatic, cost-effective Pump'n'Grow milk system, piglets thrive because they get enough milk and they can stay with the sow for longer.

There is a lot of pressure in the farrowing pen. Many sows deliver 18 - 20 piglets per farrowing, and it is hard for the sow to provide enough milk to feed them all. By installing a milk system, the farrowing pen becomes a much calmer environment for all involved; the sow, the piglets and the staff.

"Farmers use the Pump'n'Grow system because it is reliable, easy to use and does not require a large financial investment. When the milk system is installed, the sow can take care of more piglets. All the piglets get enough milk to meet their requirements for maximum growth" explains Emil Mortensen, Area Sales Manager, AB Neo, Denmark

"It only takes a couple of
hours to install the
Pump'n'Grow system
that is it!"
 Emil Mortensen

In a busy production unit, looking after nursing sows can take up a significant amount of time, and can involve moving piglets to ensure they receive enough milk. A milk system, such as Pump'n'Grow, takes pressure off the nursing sow. It also lowers the risk of infection because the piglets do not need to be moved around.

Happy piglets mean heavier piglets

Mr. Mortensen has first-hand experience of seeing how quickly piglets learn to drink from the Pump'n'Grow milk cups on many farms where he helped with the system installation.

"I have seen groups of four or five piglets standing around the drinking cup in the first 24 hours of their life. Even the smallest piglets like drinking the milk. The piglets know exactly when the milk is flowing through the pipes!"

After the piglets have drunk the milk they require from the cups, they typically go back to the piglet cave, and the farrowing pen becomes calm.

Piglets are typically 1 kg heavier at weaning when a milk system is used in the farrowing pen compared to piglets without access to a milk system. If piglets weigh 1 kg more at weaning, they will typically be 3-4 kg heavier when leaving the nursery.

Pump'n'Grow your piglets

Feedback from Pump'n'Grow users:

  • Higher weight at weaning: + 0,8-1,0 kg
  • Improved viability in the farrowing pen at 2- 6 % point
  • Sows can take care of 1-2 additional piglets
  • Sows wean up to 4 extra piglets per year
  • Significantly lower feed cost from weaning to slaughter