A progressive Derbyshire dairy farmer wanted to see how his cows being offered a 20% starch diet responded to Optipartum-C+.

Initially, the feedback reported an insignificant improvement in average milk yield of only 0.5 litres. However, a few days later the farmer was in contact to say his average yield had jumped up. Looking at the relative comparison of yields and DIM, it was soon clear what had happened to the 140 cow herd.

Comparing DIM pre and post Optipartum-C+, it was clear that the fresh cows had peaked 8 litres higher, and that this was starting to come through to the tank.

Analysing the data 60 days after the start, that 8 litre peak continues and we see the rate of decline in milk yield reduce.

The farmer commented, "Our milk quality is the highest it's ever been at the moment. 4.25% fat and 3.35% protein on a high yield of 36.5 litres which I'm very happy with".

30 and 60 day data