AB neo helps with "Optimal gut"

AB Neo’s approach to maintaining optimal gut health in commercial broilers and turkey birds

Supporting gastro-intestinal growth and development during the first few days of life is essential to optimise the longer-term health, growth and performance of poultry species. Alphasoy Gold is designed specifically to provide such an environment for the bird’s gut. 

Alphasoy Gold improves broilers and turkey poults’ gut health & development.

"This is how we achieve it"

Supporting optimum feed intake

The highly-digestible protein, elevated amino acid and unique carbohydrate profile in Alphasoy Gold supplies the young birds with consistent, high-quality tailored nutrition. Including such functional ingredient into the bird’s feed, especially in the early stage of their life, will significantly stimulate their appetite.

Keep enteric pathogens at bay

By increasing the digestibility of the protein in Alphasoy Gold, less undigested materials remain in the ileum. This leaves fewer residual nutrients for the growth of Clostridium Perfringens, thus minimising the risk of necrotic enteritis. The yeast mannan, which is one of  the functional components of Alphasoy Gold, can reduce the attachment of some harmful bacteria with intestinal mucosa, so provide a favourable environment for proliferation of beneficial bacteria, mainly Lactobacillus spp. & Bifidobacteria spp.

Encouraging the development of beneficial gut microbiota

Alphasoy Gold includes exactly the right quantity of functional, bio-available materials such as soybean oligosaccharides (SBOS). The prebiotic effect of SBOS to support gut health in young animals has been well appreciated by the industry. The SBOS component of Alphasoy Gold creates an optimal environment for proliferation of beneficial bacteria in the gut.

Functional ingredient for young poultry

For maintaining the optimal gut health, Alphasoy Gold is a part of a solution you can trust

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