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AB Neo's approach to maintaining optimal feed intake in young broilers and turkey birds

Here at AB Neo, we believe the best solution to maintain optimum feed intake in both broilers and turkey poults is one which considers the use of the most consistent and highly digestible ingredients, with a safe level of anti-nutritional factors. 

Alphasoy Gold has all the attributes of an ingredient which can enhance the bird’s appetite and increase their feed intake.

"This is how we achieve it"

Providing birds with highly consistent & digestible nutrients

Soybean Meal (SBM) and other un-processed protein sources can vary hugely in consistency and quality depending on the source of origin or the variability of the growing season. In poultry pre-starter and starter diets, this variability can sometimes lead to poor feed intake and, consequently, reduced performance.

Alphasoy Gold provides consistent quality nutrition through the delivery of highly-digestible protein, with an elevated amino acid profile and an improved energy value. This is exactly what you need to optimise feed intake in young birds.

Minimising anti-nutritional factors to a safe level

Pre-selection and processing are vital to creating a superior, consistent quality ingredient which is suitable for feeding to young poultry. The unacceptable level of anti-nutritional factors may easily reduce feed intake in young birds. The Alphasoy Gold production process reduces trypsin inhibitor activity in base raw materials by up to 70% so that they no longer have any detrimental effects on bird feed intake, health and performance.

Helping nutritionists to formulate the best

Formulating a perfect pre-starter or starter feed for young chicks and turkey poults is a real challenge for poultry nutritionists. A functional ingredient like Alphasoy Gold is a highly beneficial option for nutritionists in formulating feed. Compared to other soy products, up to 16% more energy is unlocked in Alphasoy Gold

Functional ingredient for young poultry

For optimising your bird’s feed intake, Alphasoy Gold is part of a solution you can trust.

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