AB Neo is a new business specialising in switching on lifetime performance in neonate farm animals.

AB Neo (a division of AB Agri Ltd) is founded on the growing understanding that neonates hold the key to switching on lifetime performance. By focusing on neonatal and maternal stages in farm animals our aim is to develop breakthroughs that will give greater commercial advantages to farmers around the world. These advanced products will be easy to use and proven to switch on lifetime performance in neonates.

Absolute Neonate Focus

Neonate nutrition is a growing area of research and influence on animal performance, and by focusing our R&D solely in this neonate area (hence our name – AB Neo), we are in a strong position to help farmers achieve their animals’ true potential.

“We believe neonates hold the key to switching on lifetime performance”

The AB Neo team comprises leading technical specialists in swine and ruminants and a wider commercial and business development team. We believe that due to AB Neo’s novel technology and performance, our new products offer farmers, feed manufacturers and product distributors significant strategic commercial advantages for growing and developing their own business. The AB Neo team is very excited by the prospects for their partners and the farming industry.