The Prepartum challenge. 3 weeks before calving

Cow-and-calfAs the cow prepares to calve and in anticipation of lactation, the nutritional requirements of the cow increase at a time of low dry matter intake. Insufficient energy supply can lead to the production of ketones in the blood which will suppress appetite further potentially leading to fertility and longevity issues.

The Prepartum opportunity. 3 weeks before calving

By reducing metabolic issues, the cow calves down in a healthier state, improving her future fertility and lifetime productivity.

The Postpartum challenge. 3 weeks after calving and beyond

At the onset of lactation, the cow’s energy requirement exceeds her energy supply. Using body fat as an energy source, blood ketones will be raised suppressing appetite and DMI. The cow needs to eat aggressively and as soon as possible to fuel her own energy status and avert metabolic problems that can affect short term and lifetime performance such as milk yield, longevity and fertility.

The Postpartum opportunity. 3 weeks after calving and beyond

By achieving better metabolic performance and higher DMI, a superior energy state in the postpartum phase and beyond can improve fertility and lifetime performance of the whole herd.