A new way to feed efficiency. Adding OptiPartum-C to the postpartum ration optimises dry matter and energy intake and unlocks limiting factors in cow performance – enabling them to utilise energy where they need it, be it milk production, body condition or fertility.

A remarkable feature of OptiPartum-C is that is contains only 1/3 of the energy value of fats and research shows that it can replace 50% of protected fats in a ration, saving farmers money and helping to optimise their cows’ performance in the critical postpartum period and beyond.

Research at Schothorst Feed Research BV showed that with OptiPartum-C in the ration, half the protected fat can be removed with increased yields being maintained and at the same time, improving postpartum body weight compared to a ration containing only protected fats.

Trials show that when 50% of the protected fat in a ration is replaced by OptiPartum-C, milk yield is consistent, and the farmer saves money on fats.

Some farmers use OptiPartum-C in addition to fats and produce a jump in yield. This usually coincides with an improvement in dung quality, showing how the cows are digesting and utilising their ration better.

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