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Farmer saves money on bypass fats – and boosts cow performance

Dairy Farmer magazine visited a farmer using OptiPartum-C in his ration – who wanted to achieve ‘the same performance for less money’.

Farmers add OptiPartum-C to their ration, by replacing 50% of the bypass fat. It costs less than a C16 fat and achieves the same performance for less money by […]

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Shropshire Farmer (UK) wins £1000 prize

Richard Boyd (Middle Morrey Farm, Whitchurch) has won £1000 of AB Neo ruminant products by entering a prize draw at UK Dairy Day in Telford.

Commenting on his win, Richard Boyd said, “These things never usually happen to me so I am thrilled to have won the prize. I have a […]

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OptiPartum-C: Unlock the true performance of the cows’ ration from the postpartum period and beyond.

AB Neo (A division of AB Agri Ltd) introduces OptiPartum-C, a scientific breakthrough that when added to the postpartum ration, boosts intake and helps to unlock the true performance of the cows’ diet. Research shows that when using OptiPartum-C, there is:

A potential cost saving through reduced use of protected fat […]

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