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Transformational increases in nursery-exit and slaughter weights and reductions in pre-weaning mortality

Axcelera-P continues to deliver significant step-changes in performance on farms around the world.

The latest Axcelera-P Overview summarise over 30 academic and commercial trials:

80% of trials show an improvement in pre-weaning mortality
77% show an improvement in […]

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Lancashire farmer weaning at 40 days with Axcelera-C

A progressive dairy farmer in Lancashire has been using Axcelera-C to accelerate his weaning from 70 days to 40 days. In addition to the increased throughput of calves through the system, they are seeing:

Reduction in […]

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Calves eating more feed earlier – increase in vigour and vitality

Calf rearing objective: Aiming to improve early feed intake and calf growth rates.
Dairy heifer calves fed in hutches, with Axcelera-C offered once calves are taking milk well at a few days old. Starting with a […]

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Better intakes when Axcelera-C is offered at ‘suckling height’

Axcelera-C is readily accepted by calves that are only 3-4 days old. Simply put some on your hand and offer it to the calf; she will smell it and then ‘suckle it’ from your hand […]

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Beef rearer uses Axcelera-C to accelerate growth and reduce stress at weaning

A unit rearing 500 black and white bulls each year has a target of growing calves to 450kg live weight as quickly as possible.

Calves come onto the unit at 1 week of age and are […]

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“My early intakes have never been higher”

James has 250 milking cows and has always focused on optimising the growth and development of his calves – but has struggled with early intakes of a starter feed.

He has been using Axcelera-C, offered ad-lib […]

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Calves double dry matter intake at 31 days and 7kg heavier

In order to evaluate the performance of Axcelera-C on the growth rate of calves in the first 4 weeks, 2 groups of Holstein calves in South Africa were offered:

1. Calf milk replacer & Axcelera-C

2. Calf […]

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Axcelera-C 101: What, How, When and Why to use it.

A new way of accelerating calf performance is now available in the UK – having already boosted the growth, development and lifetime performance of over 1 million cows in northern Europe.
Axcelera-C is an extremely palatable […]

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Should we be weaning on dry matter intake rather than calf age or weight?

Perhaps our biggest objective in calf rearing is to transform the calf from being a monogastric into a ruminant as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The rumen will be the ‘engine’ that delivers the energy required […]

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How practical are the recommended 3 liquid milk feeds per day?

Leading researchers are now showing that calves perform better if they have 3 milk feeds a day. Managing and delivering liquid milk to calves is a time consuming and management challenge; it needs to be […]