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Accelerating growth and performance in beef

Download Original Article: Beef Farmer Magazine – Spring 2016
Beef farmers are looking for new ways of improving their stock’s performance and their unit’s profitability. Innovative beef farmers in the UK have started to use a […]

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Calves growing faster and stronger with Axcelera-C – Now targeting 22 month calving

Axcelera-C has been used for 7 months and is offered from day two.  Consumption will reach 150g per calf by day 10 and this is fed with a 18% protein calf rearing nut and consumption will […]

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No check at weaning, with accelerated post-weaning growth

A progressive farmer  in Scotland (530 cows) has been using Axcelera-C for 3 months

Axcelera-C is offered to calves at 7 days of age, and are eating 75g/day within a week, and 150g/head/day minimum by 28 […]

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‘Axcelera-C is improving calf performance and the health status of my calves’.

Having used Axcelera-C on his dairy calves for 3 months, the results on calf performance and improved health status make it a necessary and logical investment for his current and future herd performance.

“I know first […]

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Record dry matter intakes on black and white bull unit.

A large black & white bull finishing unit just outside Kelso in the Scottish borders have been using Axcelera-C for over 10 weeks to evaluate the performance of the calves – and intakes were unprecedented.

“The […]

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‘My Axcelera-C calves are head and shoulders above the rest’

A large dairy unit in Fife, Scotland, who are already investing in a new milking parlour, saw the potential of Axcelera-C to improve the performance of their calves and milk yields for the future.

Initially, they […]

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More from less at award winning dairy farm: Weaning at 35 days. Faster growing calves. Saving £14+ rearing costs per calf

We were invited by a large award winning dairy farm in the UK to help them devise a new system that would enable them to increase their throughput of calves by reducing weaning age, and thus […]

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Calves weaning at 42 days and show more vigour and vitality

A Lancashire-based farmer raising 450 Montbeliard calves each year has been using Axcelera-C for nearly a year.

Axcelera-C is offered ad-lib each day for the first 3 weeks, and then 150g/head/day offered with starter feed from […]

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Why do some farmers choose to use twice as much Calf Milk Replacer (CMR) as others?

Some farmers use 500g/calf/day of CMR whilst other farmers use 1000g/calf/day. They both want to raise healthy calves that will become productive in around 2 year’s time – so why the different approach?

Q1: Calf Milk Replacer […]

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An extra 4.3kg out of the nursery and vastly reduced mortality in Hungarian pig trial

A farm trial in Hungary showed an increase in nursery exit weight of 4.3kg and reduced post weaning mortality from 12.5% to 1.71%.

18 litters were offered Axcelera-P, vs a control of 18 litters on the […]