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Better intakes when Axcelera-C is offered at ‘suckling height’

Axcelera-C is readily accepted by calves that are only 3-4 days old. Simply put some on your hand and offer it to the calf; she will smell it and then ‘suckle it’ from your hand […]

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Beef rearer uses Axcelera-C to accelerate growth and reduce stress at weaning

A unit rearing 500 black and white bulls each year has a target of growing calves to 450kg live weight as quickly as possible.

Calves come onto the unit at 1 week of age and are […]

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“My early intakes have never been higher”

James has 250 milking cows and has always focused on optimising the growth and development of his calves – but has struggled with early intakes of a starter feed.

He has been using Axcelera-C, offered ad-lib […]

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Calves double dry matter intake at 31 days and 7kg heavier

In order to evaluate the performance of Axcelera-C on the growth rate of calves in the first 4 weeks, 2 groups of Holstein calves in South Africa were offered:

1. Calf milk replacer & Axcelera-C

2. Calf […]

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Axcelera-C 101: What, How, When and Why to use it.

A new way of accelerating calf performance is now available in the UK – having already boosted the growth, development and lifetime performance of over 1 million cows in northern Europe.
Axcelera-C is an extremely palatable […]

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Should we be weaning on dry matter intake rather than calf age or weight?

Perhaps our biggest objective in calf rearing is to transform the calf from being a monogastric into a ruminant as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The rumen will be the ‘engine’ that delivers the energy required […]

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How practical are the recommended 3 liquid milk feeds per day?

Leading researchers are now showing that calves perform better if they have 3 milk feeds a day. Managing and delivering liquid milk to calves is a time consuming and management challenge; it needs to be […]

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Is starter feed limiting our calf’s rumen development?

For decades, dairy farmers and calf rearers have been using 2 tools to raise calves:

Liquid Milk (calf milk replacer or native milk)
Starter feed (muesli blend or pellet)

Assuming that all calves receive the correct levels and […]

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Accelerated Weaning Program – More From Less (And Quicker)

A calf’s ability to digest lactose is dependent on it secreting the enzyme lactase. Lactase is abundantly secreted from birth and then volumes start to decline by about 5 weeks of age.
This suggests that if […]

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Should CMR intakes be an obstacle to calf development?

Dairy farmers whose objective it is to rear calves as quickly as possible know how offering liquid milk (calf milk replacer or whole milk) to their calves will affect pre-weaning growth rates. We know that […]