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Accelerated Calf Development – American Dairymen Magazine

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By Maura Keller
For most dairy farmers and ranchers, accelerating calf growth and development, efficiently and effectively is top of mind.  Here’s why: Accelerated calves grow faster up to weaning and beyond. And having […]

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Calf health and performance boosted with new feeding system at Bridgwater & Taunton College, Somerset, UK

A new way of feeding dairy calves has delivered improved health and growth results at the Cannington campus Rodway Farm – Somerset.
George Jones, Velcourt farm manager explained, “We have been using Axcelera-C on our calf […]

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Video: How to use Axcelera-C – A farmers’ perspective

Farmers describe how they use Axcelera-C:

1. Week 1-3

Offering Axcelera-C at suckling height from day 4
Replace starter feed with Axcelera-C
Offer fresh every day

2. Week 4 to weaning

Blend Axcelera-C with starter feed @ 15-20%
Wean when calves eat 1.5kg […]

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See what dairy farmers are saying about Axcelera-C


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Farmer saves money on bypass fats – and boosts cow performance

Dairy Farmer magazine visited a farmer using OptiPartum-C in his ration – who wanted to achieve ‘the same performance for less money’.

Farmers add OptiPartum-C to their ration, by replacing 50% of the bypass fat. It […]

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Calves transformed by Axcelera-C on 120,000 calf ranch – USA

Jerry Braun, manager of the Tuls calf ranch (New Mexico – USA) explained, “Since using Axcelera-C I have seen 5 main benefits.

1. Reduction in weaning age by up to 10 days, based on a dry matter […]

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Calves eating and cudding at 5 days – Accelerated rumen development

For decades we have been waiting 2-3 weeks for calves to eat a starter feed in significant quantities to stimulate rumen development.
Progressive dairy farmers are now using Axcelera-C to accelerate rumen development from 5 days.

The […]

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Calves grow faster by feeding less liquid milk

There is nothing better for calves than milk. Young calves are perfectly adapted to utilising milk and produce excellent growth fed on liquid milk.

The temptation is to offer calves as much milk as they can […]

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Boosting calf energy and rumen development at the same time.

As calf rearers, our aim is to ensure our calves have sufficient energy to fuel their growth and immune system. Calves are no different from any baby animal in that they are very likely to […]

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Are dairy calves losing 3 weeks of rumen development by using a starter feed?

For years dairy farmers have used 2 tools to rear calves;

Liquid milk
Starter feed.

As calf rearers, our objective is to convert our monogastric new-born calves into ruminants as effectively as possible whilst promoting good calf growth […]