How to use

Nativa produces a visibly rich and creamy milk – consistent with the naturally higher fat content of whole milk.

How to use for best results:

Measuring and mixing should be consistent and accurate every time

To achieve the same levels as whole milk, mix Nativa as follows:

  1. Measure: Add 140g of Nativa with water to make 1 litre of Nativa Calf Milk
  2. Temperature: Mix at 40-42C. Serve at 37C
  3. Mix: Using a whisk, mix with half the water until fully dissolved and frothy. Top up to the required volume and mix well. It is normal to expect frothing caused by the high fat content in Nativa.
  4. Feed: Offer Nativa Calf Milk to calves as follows:


  • From 28 days it is possible to offer Nativa once-a-day: 1 x 3.0 Litres
  • Wean when daily dry matter intake is 1.5kg for 3 consecutive days
  • Offering Axcelera-C from day 4 accelerates rumen development and calf performance.


Whey powder, buttermilk, skimmed milk powder, palm oil, coconut oil, lard, wheat gluten concentrate, brewers yeast

ADDITIVES (per kg):
Vitamins: Vitamin A (E 672): 25,000 i.u., vitamin D3 (E 671): 5.000 i.u.,
Trace Elements: Iron (E1) Ferrous sulphate, monohydrate: 55mg, Copper (E4) Cupric sulphate, pentahydrate: 8mg, Zinc (E6) zinc oxide: 55mg Zootechnical: E1708 Enterococcus faecium (NCIMB 11181) 1.25 x 109

Oils & Fats 25.00%, Protein 22.00%, Fibre 0.01%, Ash 7.0%, Calcium 0.70%, Sodium 0.55%, Phosphorus 0.65%