A progressive dairy farmer in Lancashire has been using Axcelera-C to accelerate his weaning from 70 days to 40 days. In addition to the increased throughput of calves through the system, they are seeing:

  • Reduction in Costs:40-Day-challenge-horiz2
    • Save approx £30 / calf
    • Decrease in levels of Milk Powder used
    • Decrease in medicines required for treatment of scours etc
    • Switch from reliance on Starter Nuts to TMR mix
  • Improvement in Animal Health and Condition
    • Increased depth and capacity, seen already at 4 months old
    • Increased size for age
    • Increased initiative & energy
    • Shiny coat and overall condition improved
    • Reduced illness e.g Scours.

The key features of the Accelerated Weaning Program are:

Download Accelerated Weaning Program

A-C in Wydale feeder1.Milk Program: Reduce the peak quantity of your existing milk program by 1 litre per day

2.After colostrum:  Offer Axcelera-C  ad lib up to a maximum of 700g per calf per day until day 50.

3.At 14 days: Introduce TMR mixed with your starter feed.

4.At 40 days or on intake: Wean the calves from liquid milk.

Calves should always have free access to water and straw.