Are you a progressive farmer looking to take the ’40 day challenge’? This is about using Axcelera-C in a new way to wean calves at 40 days, saving  time and money and producing high performing calves pre and post weaning.


Axcelera-C as part of the Advanced Weaning Program is now enabling dairy farmers to wean at 40 days, with significant benefits:

  1. Accelerated growth pre and post weaning (no or reduced growth check at weaning)
  2. Easier, faster and cheaper calf rearing – saving approx. £30/calf in rearing costs
  3. Farmers reporting higher health status and less use of veterinary medicines due to calves having more energy earlier

The Advanced Weaning Program is starting to change the way calves are reared – with Axcelera-C contributing high lactose (just like milk) but directly into the rumen, which means it converts the monogastric calf into a ruminant more efficiently – enabling it to wean at 40 days with no compromises.

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