My calves are healthier, faster growing and are weaning 1 week earlier.

Allan Murray (High Langmuir Farm, Ayrshire) has been using Axcelera-C with his Holstein calves for 4 months. He has increased his herd size from 120 to 150 cows, and so wanted a way of putting more calves through his system.

By offering Axcelera-C ad-lib for the first 3 weeks and then mixing it in at 15% with his starter feed, his calves have accelerated their growth, weaning 1 weak earlier and showing improved health. ‘I use an automatic milk feeder and have changed the weaning curve by 1 week to 49 days as my calves are now ready much earlier. I have also been able to stop using antibiotics in my milk as I notice the health status and incidence of scours has improved.

With Axcelera-C, I see my calves wanting to eat it from a few days of age, and it also encourages them to eat their starter pellet’. Allan calves all year round, and feeds 6 litres of milk at 130g/l. Using this approach, each calf requires about 9kg of Axcelera-C.