Bruce Mackie ( @middletonofrora ), a progressive dairy farmer in Aberdeenshire has seen his accelerated calves gain an extra 9kg up to 71 days on Axcelera-C.

On average up to and beyond weaning, his Accelerated calves have gained an extra 190g / head / day on Axcelera-C compared to his conventionally reared calves.


  • 15 calves: @ 76days
  • Mean weight gain 68.3kg
  • Daily weight gain: 900g / h / day


  • 26 calves: @ 71 days
  • Mean weight gain 77.4kg
  • Daily weight gain: 1090g / h / day

The Axcelera-C calves grew faster and maintained their momentum after weaning.

Bruce commented on the progress he has experienced with Axcelera-C, “The growth rate of the calves on Axcelera-C is impressive and I feel what is important is that the calves are able to fulfil their true genetic potential by not being nutritionally challenged. I’m convinced that the calves are healthier as a result of not being stressed. We’re very keen on cow welfare and with a cell count of 100 and replacement rate of c.15% we feel we are getting there with the cows as well.”