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Accelerated Calf Development – American Dairymen Magazine

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By Maura Keller
For most dairy farmers and ranchers, accelerating calf growth and development, efficiently and effectively is top of mind.  Here’s why: Accelerated calves grow faster up to weaning and beyond. And having […]

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Video: How to use Axcelera-C – A farmers’ perspective

Farmers describe how they use Axcelera-C:

1. Week 1-3

Offering Axcelera-C at suckling height from day 4
Replace starter feed with Axcelera-C
Offer fresh every day

2. Week 4 to weaning

Blend Axcelera-C with starter feed @ 15-20%
Wean when calves eat 1.5kg […]

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See what dairy farmers are saying about Axcelera-C


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AB Neo completes acquisition of Bodit Tachov S.r.o

AB Neo, a division of AB Agri Ltd (UK) completed the acquisition of Bodit Tachov Sro (CZ) on 9th October 2015.

AB Neo focuses on the neonate and maternal lifestages by developing groundbreaking products that enhance […]

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Shropshire Farmer (UK) wins £1000 prize

Richard Boyd (Middle Morrey Farm, Whitchurch) has won £1000 of AB Neo ruminant products by entering a prize draw at UK Dairy Day in Telford.

Commenting on his win, Richard Boyd said, “These things never usually […]

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OptiPartum-C: Unlock the true performance of the cows’ ration from the postpartum period and beyond.

AB Neo (A division of AB Agri Ltd) introduces OptiPartum-C, a scientific breakthrough that when added to the postpartum ration, boosts intake and helps to unlock the true performance of the cows’ diet. Research shows […]

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AB Neo launches Axcelera-C – The world’s first accelerator for cows.

AB Neo (A division of AB Agri Ltd) introduces Axcelera-C, the world’s first accelerator for cows, offered to calves from day 3 until weaning. Trials show that with Axcelera-C, calves grow faster, have faster rumen […]

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AB Neo partners with Bristol University in mode of action research of pig accelerator

AB Neo has embarked on a research project with Bristol University to confirm the mode of action of Axcelera-P, its accelerator for pigs.

Axcelera-P is proven to deliver lifetime performance in pigs when offered to piglets […]

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Axcelera-P wins product innovation award at FIGAN show in Spain

Axcelera-P, AB Neo’s world-first accelerator for pigs won the ‘Technological Advance’ award at FIGAN 2015, Spain’s international animal production show.

Axcelera-P is a new technology for pigs that when offered from day 4 to weaning is […]

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AB Neo – A New Business Specialising in Switching on Lifetime Performance in Neonates

AB Neo is a new business specialising in switching on lifetime performance in neonate farm animals.

AB Neo (a division of AB Agri Ltd) is founded on the growing understanding that neonates hold the key to […]