Calf rearing objective: Aiming to improve early feed intake and calf growth rates.

Dairy heifer calves fed in hutches, with Axcelera-C offered once calves are taking milk well at a few days old. Starting with a tiny volume of Axcelera-C in the feed bucket fed fresh daily up to 125g per head at 3 weeks, then introducing the weaner pencils in addition to the Axcelera-C.

  • Heifer calves take to Axcelera-C very well and eating solid feed properly by just a week old
  • Eating more solid feed at a younger age than normal and transition onto the weaner pencils very well
  • Axcelera-C fed is usually gone by early afternoon, so often top up later in the day
  • Calves looking very well – Axcelera-C has accelerated development.

Martin and Sue Carter, Haines Farm, Illminster, Somerset