Video: Measure the benefits in your own pigs


We’ve created a 2 minute step-by-step animated video to make it easy for pig farmers see for themselves how easy it is to measure the extra profit that can be achieved by the  accelerated growth rates from Axcelera-P.

Axcelera-P has been shown consistently in academic trials and supported by many commercial pig farmers to accelerate lifetime performance, delivering heavier pigs or an earlier slaughter. Because our Accelerator technology is so new, we wanted to make it as quick and easy as possible for all pig farmers to measure the enhanced performance that can be achieved. Pigs are the best judges of any product and we want every producer to see the accelerated growth for themselves.

We are used to seeing innovations that lift performance on poorer performing farms having little or no effect on high performing farms, but one of the many benefits with the accelerator technology is that it lifts performance in both low and high performing farms.

Axcelera-P is simply offered up to weaning with significant weight increases being achieved 3-5 weeks after weaning when growth really does start to accelerate. These results can then be extrapolated to demonstrate the total weight and performance gains through the lifetime of the pig. This short 2 minute video is our way of making it easy for pig farmers to run their own trial and see how extra profit from accelerated growth rates can be achieved in their own pigs.

An Axcelera-P trial lasts only about 8 weeks with farm trials showing that it produces significantly faster growth performance in the post weaning nursery accommodation. Some producers may wish to run the trial for the full 21 weeks to measure the total lifetime value of Axcelera-P – in one trial producing an extra 4.3kg at slaughter.

How to run your own Axcelera-P trial with 4 easy measurements.

Axcelera-P is a new technology that switches on lifetime performance in pigs. It replaces all feed before weaning and works in a totally different way. The accelerator effect becomes measurable by 3-4 weeks after weaning.

 What to expect:

  • Significant weight difference 3-4 weeks after weaning due to accelerated growth rate
  • No significant difference in weight at weaning
  • No significant difference in pre-weaning feed intake

Download the short trial guide (<1MB)