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Transformational increases in nursery-exit and slaughter weights and reductions in pre-weaning mortality

Axcelera-P continues to deliver significant step-changes in performance on farms around the world.

The latest Axcelera-P Overview summarise over 30 academic and commercial trials:

80% of trials show an improvement in pre-weaning mortality
77% show an improvement in weaning weights
76% show an improvement in nursery exit weights
83% show improvements in slaughter weights

In addition […]

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An extra 4.3kg out of the nursery and vastly reduced mortality in Hungarian pig trial

A farm trial in Hungary showed an increase in nursery exit weight of 4.3kg and reduced post weaning mortality from 12.5% to 1.71%.

18 litters were offered Axcelera-P, vs a control of 18 litters on the standard creep feed. They were weaned at 37 days.

Piglets were offered on average 274g of Axcelera-P […]

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Axcelera-P enables successful shunt fostering without inline milk feeding systems

Shunt fostering is a way of making additional sows available to support new-born piglets that find themselves without a sow.

Supplementary rearing boxes have been used for many years to reduce pressure on existing farrowing accommodation and can be used as the first step in a shunt foster. A whole litter […]

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Do Early Life Experiences determine Lifetime Performance? 1 year on

By asking this question a year ago about Accelerators (products that change the pig’s lifetime growth trajectory) I was conscious that many of us suffer from ‘Cognitive Prejudice’ – preferring to follow  outdated understanding even in the face of new and contrary evidence. One year on views have started to […]

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Programmed lifetime health and performance by changing the neonatal immune system?

We know from our own experiences that compared with indoor reared pigs, outdoor born pigs tend to show better performance and health. These are two measurable benefits that we desperately want because of the economic advantages they deliver.
Understanding why outdoor pigs are more robust has proved difficult.
Producers have long argued […]

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How to further reduce pre-weaning piglet mortality. Greater mortality savings are easily achievable with Accelerators.

Paul Toplis: AB Neo Technical Director (Swine)

Our trial work with Axcelera-P has shown up some highly profitable savings from reduced post day 4 mortality. By focusing on the post-weaning accelerated growth we were slow to spot the benefits of Axcelera-P in saving pre-weaning piglets that starve or become unviable due […]

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Optimising lifetime performance with a nutritional software upgrade

Neonates (baby animals) present a window of opportunity within which farmers can influence the lifetime performance of an animal. By working with the neonatal animal every producer has the means of influencing their whole herd’s profitability.

Farmers can have a huge effect on lifetime performance by what they do on farm […]

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AB Neo partners with Bristol University in mode of action research of pig accelerator

AB Neo has embarked on a research project with Bristol University to confirm the mode of action of Axcelera-P, its accelerator for pigs.

Axcelera-P is proven to deliver lifetime performance in pigs when offered to piglets from day 4 to weaning.

Paul Toplis, AB Neo’s Technical Director (Swine) comments “Although feed intakes […]

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A new way of producing more pigs

Everyone wants more live pigs. Most pig producers put a lot of time and effort into keeping pre-weaning mortality as low as possible. Through improving management around farrowing and in early lactation, mortality has been reduced from the mid-teens to around 10% with the best stock people achieving single figures.  […]

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Is current early weaning legislation lagging behind new pre-weaning technology?

As new technology advances and enables farmers to wean their best hyperprolific litters at 12 days old, is now the time to challenge and review legislative and farm assurance restrictions on early weaning that may have become outdated by recent advances in neonate technology?

Over more recent years as pig farming […]

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Change the pig – Transform the growth curve

Animal scientists will spend hours at conferences arguing whether to draw a straight or a curved or a broken line through their data points. The shape of the line really matters because it impacts on profit. It tells us how our diets might need improving (cost) and the growth we […]

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Time to rethink the role of pre-weaning diets

Pre-weaning feeding is the practice of offering solid feed to piglets while still with the sow. I find pig producers can be suspicious of me when I expound the benefits of pre-starters. “It’s just another attempt sell us something we don’t really need”.  That never was the case and the […]

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Do Early Life Experiences affect Lifetime Performance?

Pigs and Science make a great couple. The Pig Industry has been very demanding of Science and Science has delivered big time. But does Science ever hold our industry back?
I think it is true that the older we get the more we cling to scientific beliefs in the face of […]

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Axcelera-P wins product innovation award at FIGAN show in Spain

Axcelera-P, AB Neo’s world-first accelerator for pigs won the ‘Technological Advance’ award at FIGAN 2015, Spain’s international animal production show.

Axcelera-P is a new technology for pigs that when offered from day 4 to weaning is shown to switch on lifetime performance in pigs, delivering significantly heavier pigs.

On receiving the award […]

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An extra 2kg out of the nursery with Axcelera-P vs a new proprietary pre-weaning gel system & pre-starter feed.

On a high performing commercial pig farm (UK), Axcelera-P was offered to pre-weaning pigs from sows in the farrowing house and compared to a new proprietary pre-weaning gel system & pre-starter.

The piglets were measured for weight at birth, 10 days of age, at weaning and when they exited the nursery […]

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Step-by-step video makes it easy for Axcelera-P pig farmers to measure the enhanced performance in their own pigs.

AB Neo has created a 2 minute step-by-step animated video to make it easy for pig farmers see for themselves how easy it is to measure the extra profit that can be achieved by the accelerated growth rates from Axcelera-P.

Click here to view the video »

Paul Toplis, Technical Director (Swine) […]

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AB Neo Launches Axcelera-P, The World’s First Accelerator For Pigs

Axcelera-P is AB Neo’s first product in the new Accelerator category, proven to switch on lifetime performance in neonates.

Axcelera-P is AB Neo’s first Accelerator for pigs, where each piglet typically only consumes up to 200g from day 4 and through the first few weeks resulting in finishing pigs heavier or […]

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The AB Neo Interview – with Paul Toplis

As featured in All About Feed: Mon 03 November 2014
Neonate nutrition is gaining more interest. Why is that?
For three reasons.

1. Total lifetime performance.

There is a growing body of research evidence across animal species that has identified that the neonate phase in an animal’s life can have a significant effect on […]

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