Easy to use


Axcelera-P is a highly palatable and digestible accelerator designed to switch on lifetime performance in pigs. Ideal for hyperprolific situations, reducing piglet mortality and producing more uniform litters.

Easy to use

  • Axcelera-P completely replaces any existing pre-weaning diet.
  • Introduce Axcelera-P in the farrowing house from 4 days of age.
  • Offer to appetite by providing small amounts at least twice a day. During the suckling period expect a total intake of up to 200g per piglet.  A clean water supply should always be available.

4 week weaning: Blend transitionally with the first post-weaning diet for a minimum of 4 days before weaning and blend 10% Axcelera-P with 1st stage diet for approximately 4 days post-weaning.

3 week weaning: At weaning, blend 50:50 with first post weaning diet on the first full day after weaning.

From the second full day after weaning: Introduce 100% post weaning diet or blend 10% Axcelera-P with 1st stage diet for a further 2-3 days post weaning.