10:37 am10:37 am

Stronger calves, no growth check at weaning and a significant reduction in pneumonia.

Since using Axcelera-C on his calves, Alex Robertson (Coopon Carse) is seeing:

Calves achieving target of 85kg +10% by 8 weeks, and accelerate after weaning
No growth check at weaning – Calves grow stronger on a rising growth rate
Calves showing improved health and vitality, with significantly fewer cases of pneumonia
Improved homogeneity in growth […]

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3:50 pm3:50 pm

Axcelera-C improves calf growth rates and health status on intensive beef rearing unit

Chris Sutton – Independent Calf Rearing

The benefits which Chris has seen are:-

Calves eat the Axcelera-C / Starter feed blend with immediately and more aggressively –  gaining an additional 1.5Kg of weight per week compared to calves which have not had access to Axcelera-C

Chris remarked that the calves on Axcelera-C are noticeably […]

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2:04 pm2:04 pm

Graham Morton wins Northern Dairy Farmer of the year

We’re thrilled for Graham and Amy Morton for being crowned as Northern Dairy Farmers of the year for 2018.

The award recognised their embracing of innovation and technology as they drive for more efficient yields and great productivity.

Graham has been using Axcelera-C on his calves for over 2 years and has […]

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12:24 pm12:24 pm

When do your calves really start eating solid feed?

Dairy farmers around the world tell us the same thing – Their calves routinely only start to eat solid feed from 2-3 weeks of age. This is not a reflection on the starter feed (calves don’t recognise starch and fibre as feed in this period), but on the calf, which […]

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9:14 am9:14 am

Increasing liquid consumption above approximately 650-700 g of solids per day will delay initiation of calf starter intake and will delay onset of rumen development

There is nothing better for calf development than feeding milk. It provides the best blend of protein, fat and available energy for the neonatal digestive system.

A key priority to developing lifetime performance in calves is to convert the monogastric calf into a ruminant animal as efficiently as possible. This is achieved […]

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1:52 pm1:52 pm

Bunk-breaking with Axcelera-C

Newly-grouped and weaned beef or dairy calves face a challenge of transitioning smoothly.

Grouping calves for the first time is a stressful event:

Poor or zero feed intakes for days
The absence of milk in newly-weaned beef calves
Social stress from other calves
Not recognising TMR as feed
Bunks or troughs are a new concept to […]

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9:51 am9:51 am

Accelerated Calf Development – American Dairymen Magazine

Download article: <1mb
By Maura Keller
For most dairy farmers and ranchers, accelerating calf growth and development, efficiently and effectively is top of mind.  Here’s why: Accelerated calves grow faster up to weaning and beyond. And having calves that grow at an accelerated rate results in more robust calves—all while saving management […]

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5:31 pm5:31 pm

Calf health and performance boosted with new feeding system at Bridgwater & Taunton College, Somerset, UK

A new way of feeding dairy calves has delivered improved health and growth results at the Cannington campus Rodway Farm – Somerset.
George Jones, Velcourt farm manager explained, “We have been using Axcelera-C on our calf unit at the college for over 4 months (Since April 2017). We set up a […]

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9:38 am9:38 am

Video: How to use Axcelera-C – A farmers’ perspective

Farmers describe how they use Axcelera-C:

1. Week 1-3

Offering Axcelera-C at suckling height from day 4
Replace starter feed with Axcelera-C
Offer fresh every day

2. Week 4 to weaning

Blend Axcelera-C with starter feed @ 15-20%
Wean when calves eat 1.5kg of dry matter intake each day

3. Advanced weaning program

Offer Axcelera-C from day 1 – ad-lib
Mix […]

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10:10 am10:10 am

See what dairy farmers are saying about Axcelera-C


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9:00 am9:00 am

Calves transformed by Axcelera-C on 120,000 calf ranch – USA

Jerry Braun, manager of the Tuls calf ranch (New Mexico – USA) explained, “Since using Axcelera-C I have seen 5 main benefits.

1. Reduction in weaning age by up to 10 days, based on a dry matter intake of greater than 5lbs (2.25kg) at 55 days of age. This is a reflection […]

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4:32 pm4:32 pm

Calves eating and cudding at 5 days – Accelerated rumen development

For decades we have been waiting 2-3 weeks for calves to eat a starter feed in significant quantities to stimulate rumen development.
Progressive dairy farmers are now using Axcelera-C to accelerate rumen development from 5 days.

The calves below are weaning at 35 days when they achieve 1.5kg dry matter intake – […]

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1:56 pm1:56 pm

Calves grow faster by feeding less liquid milk

There is nothing better for calves than milk. Young calves are perfectly adapted to utilising milk and produce excellent growth fed on liquid milk.

The temptation is to offer calves as much milk as they can consume up to weaning. This can produce large and robust calves. However recent research confirms […]

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12:52 pm12:52 pm

Boosting calf energy and rumen development at the same time.

As calf rearers, our aim is to ensure our calves have sufficient energy to fuel their growth and immune system. Calves are no different from any baby animal in that they are very likely to be energy deficient which means that if we are able to give them more energy […]

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12:21 pm12:21 pm

Are dairy calves losing 3 weeks of rumen development by using a starter feed?

For years dairy farmers have used 2 tools to rear calves;

Liquid milk
Starter feed.

As calf rearers, our objective is to convert our monogastric new-born calves into ruminants as effectively as possible whilst promoting good calf growth and development.

Ongoing research confirms the importance of rumen development in the calf relative to high […]

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3:49 pm3:49 pm

Dairy farmer gains extra 9kg per calf at 76 days with Axcelera-C

Bruce Mackie ( @middletonofrora ), a progressive dairy farmer in Aberdeenshire has seen his accelerated calves gain an extra 9kg up to 71 days on Axcelera-C.

On average up to and beyond weaning, his Accelerated calves have gained an extra 190g / head / day on Axcelera-C compared to his conventionally […]

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10:02 am10:02 am

Dairy farmers invited to take the 40 Day Challenge – Advanced Weaning Program

Are you a progressive farmer looking to take the ’40 day challenge’? This is about using Axcelera-C in a new way to wean calves at 40 days, saving  time and money and producing high performing calves pre and post weaning.

Axcelera-C as part of the Advanced Weaning Program is now enabling dairy […]

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3:15 pm3:15 pm

Dairy farmer no longer uses veterinary medicines since offering Axcelera-C to his calves

My calves are healthier, faster growing and are weaning 1 week earlier.

Allan Murray (High Langmuir Farm, Ayrshire) has been using Axcelera-C with his Holstein calves for 4 months. He has increased his herd size from 120 to 150 cows, and so wanted a way of putting more calves through […]

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2:09 pm2:09 pm

No more scouring in calves since using Axcelera-C

Calves eating Axcelera-C from 3 days of age, with no more cases of scours or respiratory challenges and a tangible improvement in health and vigour.

Calves are offered Axcelera-C ad lib from day 1 up to 150g/day.
Then calf starter nuts are introduced, blended with Axcelera-C at 150g/h/day.
Milk offered twice daily at 3L […]

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11:15 am11:15 am

Lancashire farmer weaning at 40 days with Axcelera-C

A progressive dairy farmer in Lancashire has been using Axcelera-C to accelerate his weaning from 70 days to 40 days. In addition to the increased throughput of calves through the system, they are seeing:

Reduction in Costs:

Save approx £30 / calf
Decrease in levels of Milk Powder used
Decrease in medicines required for […]

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12:42 pm12:42 pm

Calves eating more feed earlier – increase in vigour and vitality

Calf rearing objective: Aiming to improve early feed intake and calf growth rates.
Dairy heifer calves fed in hutches, with Axcelera-C offered once calves are taking milk well at a few days old. Starting with a tiny volume of Axcelera-C in the feed bucket fed fresh daily up to 125g per […]

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2:54 pm2:54 pm

Better intakes when Axcelera-C is offered at ‘suckling height’

Axcelera-C is readily accepted by calves that are only 3-4 days old. Simply put some on your hand and offer it to the calf; she will smell it and then ‘suckle it’ from your hand – and then look for some more.

At this age, the instinct of very young calves […]

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12:06 pm12:06 pm

Beef rearer uses Axcelera-C to accelerate growth and reduce stress at weaning

A unit rearing 500 black and white bulls each year has a target of growing calves to 450kg live weight as quickly as possible.

Calves come onto the unit at 1 week of age and are offered 100% Axcelera-C ad-lib for the 1st 3 weeks. After 3 weeks Axcelera-C is blended […]

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1:11 pm1:11 pm

“My early intakes have never been higher”

James has 250 milking cows and has always focused on optimising the growth and development of his calves – but has struggled with early intakes of a starter feed.

He has been using Axcelera-C, offered ad-lib for the 1st 3 weeks and then moves them onto a starterfeed, blending in 15% […]

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4:52 pm4:52 pm

Calves double dry matter intake at 31 days and 7kg heavier

In order to evaluate the performance of Axcelera-C on the growth rate of calves in the first 4 weeks, 2 groups of Holstein calves in South Africa were offered:

1. Calf milk replacer & Axcelera-C

2. Calf milk replacer & hay

After 31 days the Axcelera-C calves

1. Weighed on average 7kg more

2. Were […]

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3:08 pm3:08 pm

Axcelera-C 101: What, How, When and Why to use it.

A new way of accelerating calf performance is now available in the UK – having already boosted the growth, development and lifetime performance of over 1 million cows in northern Europe.
Axcelera-C is an extremely palatable high lactose accelerator for calves – containing more than 40% lactose. It’s created by AB […]

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3:07 pm3:07 pm

Should we be weaning on dry matter intake rather than calf age or weight?

Perhaps our biggest objective in calf rearing is to transform the calf from being a monogastric into a ruminant as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The rumen will be the ‘engine’ that delivers the energy required for the rest of cow’s life and performance. The bigger and more effective the engine, […]

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3:06 pm3:06 pm

How practical are the recommended 3 liquid milk feeds per day?

Leading researchers are now showing that calves perform better if they have 3 milk feeds a day. Managing and delivering liquid milk to calves is a time consuming and management challenge; it needs to be measured, mixed, heated and delivered. Consequently, most dairy farmers opt for 2 feeds a day […]

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3:05 pm3:05 pm

Is starter feed limiting our calf’s rumen development?

For decades, dairy farmers and calf rearers have been using 2 tools to raise calves:

Liquid Milk (calf milk replacer or native milk)
Starter feed (muesli blend or pellet)

Assuming that all calves receive the correct levels and quality of colostrum a few hours after birth and that water and straw are available […]

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3:04 pm3:04 pm

Accelerated Weaning Program – More From Less (And Quicker)

A calf’s ability to digest lactose is dependent on it secreting the enzyme lactase. Lactase is abundantly secreted from birth and then volumes start to decline by about 5 weeks of age.
This suggests that if you follow a calf’s development, lactose can play reduced role from this period onwards in […]

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3:02 pm3:02 pm

Should CMR intakes be an obstacle to calf development?

Dairy farmers whose objective it is to rear calves as quickly as possible know how offering liquid milk (calf milk replacer or whole milk) to their calves will affect pre-weaning growth rates. We know that pre-weaning growth rates are a huge factor at how that baby animal is programmed for […]

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7:05 am7:05 am

Accelerating growth and performance in beef

Download Original Article: Beef Farmer Magazine – Spring 2016
Beef farmers are looking for new ways of improving their stock’s performance and their unit’s profitability. Innovative beef farmers in the UK have started to use a new product that was originally designed to help accelerate dairy calf performance.
Axcelera-C is a very […]

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10:21 am10:21 am

Calves growing faster and stronger with Axcelera-C – Now targeting 22 month calving

Axcelera-C has been used for 7 months and is offered from day two.  Consumption will reach 150g per calf by day 10 and this is fed with a 18% protein calf rearing nut and consumption will reach 4.0kg at eight weeks.  The calves also have access to water and barley straw.

“We […]

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9:20 am9:20 am

No check at weaning, with accelerated post-weaning growth

A progressive farmer  in Scotland (530 cows) has been using Axcelera-C for 3 months

Axcelera-C is offered to calves at 7 days of age, and are eating 75g/day within a week, and 150g/head/day minimum by 28 days of age. The Axcelera-C was offered in addition to their standard CMR program of […]

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3:33 pm3:33 pm

‘Axcelera-C is improving calf performance and the health status of my calves’.

Having used Axcelera-C on his dairy calves for 3 months, the results on calf performance and improved health status make it a necessary and logical investment for his current and future herd performance.

“I know first hand how tight things are financially for dairy farmers right now, but it is also […]

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3:24 pm3:24 pm

Record dry matter intakes on black and white bull unit.

A large black & white bull finishing unit just outside Kelso in the Scottish borders have been using Axcelera-C for over 10 weeks to evaluate the performance of the calves – and intakes were unprecedented.

“The first thing we noticed was how much sooner they were able to eat very high […]

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3:19 pm3:19 pm

‘My Axcelera-C calves are head and shoulders above the rest’

A large dairy unit in Fife, Scotland, who are already investing in a new milking parlour, saw the potential of Axcelera-C to improve the performance of their calves and milk yields for the future.

Initially, they were cautious about trying a new approach with their calves. “We wanted to see for […]

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2:06 pm2:06 pm

More from less at award winning dairy farm: Weaning at 35 days. Faster growing calves. Saving £14+ rearing costs per calf

We were invited by a large award winning dairy farm in the UK to help them devise a new system that would enable them to increase their throughput of calves by reducing weaning age, and thus avoid having to put up another building. They had also been concerned about the ability […]

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4:54 pm4:54 pm

Calves weaning at 42 days and show more vigour and vitality

A Lancashire-based farmer raising 450 Montbeliard calves each year has been using Axcelera-C for nearly a year.

Axcelera-C is offered ad-lib each day for the first 3 weeks, and then 150g/head/day offered with starter feed from 3 weeks until weaning. Fresh Axcelera-C is offered each day and any remaining from the […]

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3:15 pm3:15 pm

Why do some farmers choose to use twice as much Calf Milk Replacer (CMR) as others?

Some farmers use 500g/calf/day of CMR whilst other farmers use 1000g/calf/day. They both want to raise healthy calves that will become productive in around 2 year’s time – so why the different approach?

Q1: Calf Milk Replacer (CMR) is probably one of the most expensive inputs for calves on a farm – […]

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1:47 pm1:47 pm

No nutritional scour issues since using Axcelera-C

A 350 cow unit near Newton Stewart (Scotland) has been using Axcelera-C on its calves in groups of 15-20. They add several kgs of Axcelera-C in the trough morning and evening and are seeing greater intakes.

As the younger calves enter the group they take to the Axcelera-C well by learning […]

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12:20 pm12:20 pm

Technical Article: A new way of accelerating lifetime performance in dairy cows.

Katherine Moore. AB Neo Technical Sales and Support Manager.

Download published article: International Dairy Topics

It is becoming widely recognised that neonates hold the key to switching on lifetime performance in farm animals.

By positively manipulating the way a calf is fed and managed in early life, it is possible to switch on […]

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9:11 am9:11 am

Farmer now weaning calves 10 days earlier with Axcelera-C

A farmer with 600 cows in Lockerbie is now weaning his calves 10 days earlier – and now completely by 65 days. He is experiencing no post-weaning check even though he is weaning earlier than before.

Having offered Axcelera-C, calf intakes have dramatically risen followed by a good transition and increased […]

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4:44 pm4:44 pm

Early dry matter intakes boosted on-farm

A dairy farmer in Ecclefechan is using Axcelera-C has commented that his calves would not routinely be interested in solid feed up to 7 days of age. Having offered Axcelera-C from day 3 he is seeing earlier and greater feed intakes which he knows will be helping to develop the […]

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4:34 pm4:34 pm

Black and white beef producer, Lincolnshire sees ROI of 4:1 with Axcelera-C

A black and white beef producer has used Axcelera-C on 2 batches of 60 bulls. One batch was offered Axcelera-C blended in at 15% with his concentrate 30-90 days of age. The other batch of 60 bulls were offered concentrate only. Typically calves are offered Axcelera-C from day 3 – […]

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4:13 pm4:13 pm

No pneumonia jabs required on batch of calves offered Axcelera-C.

The most recent batch of calves at  a 200 cow dairy and arable unit near Malton in North Yorkshire farm has not had to receive any jabs for treatment of pneumonia,  having been offered Axcelera-C from day 4. All calves get usual prophylactic injections as routine but are treated with Draxxin […]

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4:08 pm4:08 pm

Ayrshire farmer sees a great improvement in his heifer calves

Craig Cochrane from Ayrshire has been using Axcelera-C on his calves and has reported a vast improvement in the quality of his heifer calves.

He has been offering Axcelera-C at a rate of 150g/h/d from day 3 to weaning, supplementing his skimmed milk replacer program which he has not changed.

The benefits he […]

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1:59 pm1:59 pm

A new way of accelerating lifetime performance in dairy cows

Katherine Moore. AB Neo Technical Sales and Support Manager

It is becoming widely recognised that neonates hold the key to switching on lifetime performance in farm animals.

By positively manipulating the way a calf is fed and managed in early life, it is possible to switch on bodily functions that have the […]

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3:51 pm3:51 pm

Shropshire Farmer (UK) wins £1000 prize

Richard Boyd (Middle Morrey Farm, Whitchurch) has won £1000 of AB Neo ruminant products by entering a prize draw at UK Dairy Day in Telford.

Commenting on his win, Richard Boyd said, “These things never usually happen to me so I am thrilled to have won the prize. I have a […]

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6:12 am6:12 am

AB Neo launches Axcelera-C – The world’s first accelerator for cows.

AB Neo (A division of AB Agri Ltd) introduces Axcelera-C, the world’s first accelerator for cows, offered to calves from day 3 until weaning. Trials show that with Axcelera-C, calves grow faster, have faster rumen development and can wean earlier, with reduced growth check at weaning. Axcelera-C also reduces the […]

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