Easy to use


Axcelera-C is offered in addition to the existing calf milk replacer and is an easy way of accelerating calf growth and lifetime performance.

Each calf is offered only a handful of Axcelera-C from day 3 until weaning to supplement the existing calf milk diet. Enhanced calf nutrition is the route to lifetime performance for beef and dairy cattle, and Axcelera-C is an easy way of supplying the calf with even more lactose.

Into the rumen from day 3

Being a solid, Axcelera-C enters and is digested in the rumen, with a reduced risk of nutritional scours compared to increasing CMR intakes.

Unlike liquid milk, it enters and is digested directly in the rumen, accelerating its development from day 3. Trials show accelerated calves grow faster, show faster rumen development and can be weaned earlier, with reduced growth check at weaning. Incidence and severity of nutritional scours are also reduced.

Axcelera-C is produced using the unique Neo-Tec system to create a highly palatable, ultra-high lactose accelerator for calves. It is highly palatable, very easy to use, does not require any mixing and is aggressively consumed by calves.


For best results:

Offer Axcelera-C in addition to the existing calf milk replacer.

  1. From day 3 for 3 weeks: Offer fresh Axcelera-C each day ad lib, as a replacement to starter feed
  2. From 3 weeks until weaning: Offer 150g / head / day placed on top of starter feed

For group-housed calves, mix 15% Axcelera-C fresh every day with your starter feed.

Ensure that Axcelera-C is placed into an empty, clean and dry feeder and always remove and clean any rejected solids before offering fresh Axcelera-C.


Offer Axcelera-C in addition to the existing CMR programme

Axcelera-C complements any CMR program the farmer is using:

  • manual
  • machine
  • once-a-day
  • twice-a-day

Axcelera-C enables farmers to add 150g/head/day extra intake of 40% lactose formulation.

  1. increase from 650g to 800g
  2. increase from 900g to 1050g
  3. increase from 1050g to 1200g

And thereby to narrow the gap between CMR-only route and nature’s model of at least 1000g of milk solids per day.3844 - Axcelera-C DA Pages&Cover_4.indd