40 Day Challenge – Advanced Weaning Program



  • Save time and money
  • No growth check at weaning
  • Accelerated pre & post-weaning performance


A new way of using Axcelera-C

A-C in Wydale feederMore farmers are starting to use Axcelera-C in an advanced way to wean their calves at 40 days, saving themselves time, hassle and money.

Their accelerated calves show no check at weaning and grow strongly through to weaning and beyond. Axcelera-C is providing farmers with a new way of  optimising the lifetime performance of their calves, faster and more efficiently.

Proven on farm

‘We are weaning at 40 days, improving calf health and saving £30 / calf in rearing costs’.

“Since using Axcelera-C, we have been fascinated to see for ourselves how the accelerated rumen development has changed the shape of our calves, giving them a much deeper body and greater capacity.

Growth rate has been increased and our calves condition, vigour and initiative has also improved. We believe Axcelera-C is giving our calves more energy earlier and because it is digested in the rumen from a few days of age, the calves are growing faster and able to cope much better against disease.

100% Axcelera-C is offered ad-lib to our calves for the first 4 weeks, and we continue to feed it through to day 50 (10 days after our calves are weaned). We also introduce a forage / starter blend from 4 weeks, and reduce the milk we feed with our automatic feeder to encourage solid feed intake, weaning at 40 days”.

Graham & Amy Morton (Samlesbury, Lancashire) – 200 Montbeliardes

In addition to the increased throughput of calves through the system, they are seeing:

  • Reduction in Costs:Accelerated heifer
    • Save approx £30 / calf
    • Decrease in levels of Milk Powder used
    • Decrease in medicines required for treatment of scours etc
    • Switch from reliance on Starter Nuts to TMR mix
  • Improvement in Animal Health and Condition
    • Increased depth and rumen capacity, seen already at 4 months old
    • Increased size for age
    • Increased initiative & energy
    • Shiny coat and overall condition improved
    • Reduced illness e.g Scours.


Advanced Weaning Program

The key features of the Accelerated Weaning Program are:

1.Milk Program: Reduce the peak quantity of your existing milk program by 1 litre per day

2.After colostrum:  Offer Axcelera-C  ad lib up to a maximum of 700g per calf per day until day 50.

3.At 14 days: Introduce TMR mixed with your starter feed.

4.At 40 days or on intake: Wean the calves from liquid milk.

Calves should always have free access to water and straw.